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Delivery costs and conditions

In Germany:
For 1-3 bottles we charge 8 € shipping flat rate.
For 4-6 bottles we charge 12 € shipping flat rate.
For 7 or more we don't charge shipping.
The service is done by UPS and takes up to 3 - 5 business days.

In Berlin:
Same pricing as described above.
We deliver within 2 - 4 working days if possible with a bicycle, or with UPS.

Shipping each box of wine costs 12 €. This mean:
1-6 bottles - 12 €, 7-12 bottles - 24 €, 13-18 bottles 36 €, etc.
The service is done by UPS and takes 5-10 days.

*we ship every Tuesday, and can't guarantee shipping times. They depend on UPS. if you urgently need some natural wine, send an email and we will try our best to deliver.

Wine shop
Norah's Wines natural wine combo box - 1 orange, 1 amber, 1 red - Dry wine
Norah's Wines
Amber, Red, Orange
€ 54 
inc. VAT
Sunshine in a bottle natural wine combo box - 2 Amber, 1 Orange - Dry wine
Sunshine in a bottle
Amber, Orange, Amber
€ 54 
inc. VAT
The First Grapes natural wine combo box - 1 Amber, 1 Red - Dry wine
The First Grapes
Amber, Red
€ 36 
inc. VAT
Our delivery costs and policies